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Is it okay to get my Jolly Knocker Sandals wet?
Yes. Jolly Knocker Sandals can be worn to the beach, the river or anywhere you go. Just dry them under the shade, not in the sun or with a dryer. If you get them wet often, LEXOL or any good leather conditioner will keep your Jolly Knockers in superb shape and make them last longer.

Will they stretch?
Yes, but you can easily retighten them because the straps adjust on all Jolly Knocker Sandals..

How do you adjust the straps to make them tighter?
It only takes a few seconds to make the adjustment. Each pair comes with instructions that explains exactly how to adjust the straps on your Jolly Knocker Sandals..

How do I care for my Jolly Knocker Sandals?
Use mink oil in a paste form twice a year. If they get really wet, dry them in the shade or in front of a fan. Do not use heat. Clean your Jolly Knockers by using saddle soap, then polish with shoe polish.

How Can I contact you if I have other questions?
You can contact us at: JollyKnocker Sandal Co. - 600 Bluebonnet Dr. - Kerrville, Texas 78028 or call us at: 1.830.377.7726 or email us at: headknocker@jollyknocker.com

Can I become a "distributor" for Jolly Knocker?
Yes! You too can have fun and make money too. Do you enjoy arts and crafts fairs?
Attending music festivals? Fourth of July celebrations or other special weekend events?

Jolly Knockers sell great at these types of events. As a distributor you too can make a substantial amount of extra cash selling Jolly Knockers in your area. We have a little to No Risk System to help you get started earning money and having tons of fun at the same time.

Contact the headknocker@jollyknocker.com for complete details.

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